Tierrechtskongress Wien, CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2.–5. November 2017
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Das Warum und Wie von ProVeg Interventionen Englischer Vortrag von Sebastian Joy, M.A. (Deutschland)

Don Bosco Saal: Hauptraum im Erdgeschoß

How to veganize the world by reducing animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040. The why and how of the new international pro-vegan organization ProVeg

One possible way to create a better world for animals is to address people's consumer behaviour and the food system. Despite there being several small groups and initiatives, there is no global organisation dedicated to furthering these goals. ProVeg International (PVI) is the first food awareness organisation that aims to unify, empower and accelerate the vegan movement worldwide. With its smart objective of reducing global animal consumption by 50% by 2040, PVl addresses five central global challenges and promotes a plant-based lifestyle as a multi-problem solution. Based on the expertise of its founders, Dr. Melanie Joy, Sebastian Joy and Tobias Leenaert, PVI adds a new and promising approach to the animal rights movement by reaching out to a wide range of individuals and powerful stakeholders from various backgrounds.

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