Tierrechtskongress Wien, CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2.–5. November 2017
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Instagram effektiv nutzen Englischer Vortrag von Kerstin Lehninger, M.A., DI Ines Haider (Österreich)

Laura Vicuña: Seminarraum im ersten Stock

Using Instagram effectively for your NGO

Instagram is definitely a growing social media platform that can also be utilized effectively for your efforts in animal rights. Lots of young people hardly use Facebook anymore but can easily be reached via Instagram. This workshop will explain the difference between a private account and a business account. Furthermore you will become aware of what there is to bear in mind when using Instagram and which types of pictures you can use to ideally approach your audience. It will be explained how you can reach out to followers and find people who already know your organization. Normal Postings as well as Instagram Stories will be described.

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