Tierrechtskongress Wien, CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2.–5. November 2017
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Ein Haustier halten und es essen? Englischer Vortrag von Simon Gerlach (Dänemark)

Laura Vicuña: Seminarraum im ersten Stock

Overcoming moral inconsistency through effective vegan campaigning.

Nonhuman animals occupy an ambiguous space in the moral landscape. People care about animals, but also engage in the activity of meat eating. Many cognitive and social factors contribute to upholding our ambivalent and inconsistent relations with animals. So how do we overcome moral inconsistency to create more just inter-species ethics? This presentation contributes a psychological analysis of morality, empathy and human-animal relations. Furthermore I will show how psychological, theoretical insights can be transformed into praxis to make effective campaigning, with the 22-day vegan challenge as a successful example.

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