Tierrechtskongress Wien, CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2.–5. November 2017
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Anita Euschen

Anita Euschen Kroatien

Anita Euschen proactively started her animal rights work age 12, when a replacement teacher showed the class a video of the Canadian seal slaughter. By that time she already was a vegetarian, and went vegan some 20 years later, around 2004. She raised two now adult sons, both non-vaccinated very healthy and fit veggies since birth. Her work and activism include lobbying (welfarism), grassroot activism and straight forward vegan campaigning. She has been a board member of Animal Friends Croatia since 2006, a successful vegan animal rights organization that covers pretty much all kinds of campaigning and lobbying in Croatia. Anita is also active for human rights, interfaith and peace activism in general. But all the single issue campaigning always leads back to the one key word that can solve it all: vegan.

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