Tierrechtskongress Wien, CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2.–5. November 2017
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Beziehungen und Kommunikation verbessern Englischer Vortrag von Dr. Melanie Joy (Vereinigte Staaten/Deutschland)

Don Bosco Saal: Hauptraum im Erdgeschoß

How Vegans Can Improve Relationships and Communication with Non-Vegans and Other Vegans

Many vegans find that it's difficult or impossible to feel connected with the non-vegans in their lives and to communicate about veganism in a way that doesn't cause cause conflict. Often, too, vegans have trouble relating and communicating with each other when they disagree with each other's ideas. In this new presentation, psychologist Dr. Melanie Joy explains the principles and tools for creating healthy, connected relationships, and she gives tips on how to talk about even the most challenging issues productively.

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